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IN-YOUR-FACE **part two** (2014) ***GLITCH-HOP-MIX***


01.B.O.B. ft. Hayley Williams – Airplanes (Wumbaloo Remix)
02.Electronic Nonsense – MoonBear
03.Psychedelic Chemistry – Filip Rasch
04.Creep – Notixx
05.Dino Safari – Breakspeed (Audeka Remix)
06.Big Man On Campus – Ray Volpe
07.Exhale – Duburban Poison
08.Educator – R.O
09.Spire – Twizzle McBeaver III (Shipwrecked remix)
10.Dysphemic – Moon Cave Party (Warp9 Remix)
11.Skope – Good To Me [Omni Temple]
12.No Limit – Intelek
13.The Journey to Planet Funk – 4Flexx
14.Slumdog – Okiru
15.Bless – Crazy Daylight & Elonious
16.Wreck This Place Too – Enoptix & MCK
17.Havoc V. – Dead Air (S.U.B & Outsider)
18.House Of Pain-Jump Around (Jantsen & Dirt Monkey Re-Twerk)
19.Stranger by Corporate ft. Thaddeus Wilson
20.Mellow Molly – Filip Rasch
21.Transparent – Transforma
22.Come Too Far – Up Until Now
23.Body Freakin – Crazy Daylight
24.Disco Pants – Orphic
25.Gurning Man – Crazy Daylight & Schwarr
26.Harsky & Stutch – Sublux
27.Strawberry Split – Alkimia
28.Revolution – LabRat
29.Eminem ft.Rihanna – Love the Way You Lie (Wumbaloo Remix)
30.Chinese Glitch – SPONKY
31.Avada Kadavera – Orphic & Morpheus
32.Rebate – Duskky
33.Push Me Now – Fractal System
34.Bonnibel – Kursa
35.Schrodinger – Azuruk
36.Vibe Street – Purple Stuff (B!unt Force ReFunk)
38.The Steel Finger – Asi-C
39.Maggots In My Burger – Knno
40.Back On – GRUFF ft. Mr Bill
41.Karetus – Entrudo (Falcon Funk Remix)
42.That’s My Jam – Filip Rasch
43.Jealous Gums – Royal Blood
44.Smash & Grab – Krossbow
45.Bass Ar C‘Hast – Inspir ft. Ingward
47.Rage – Panda Eyes
48.Wrong Side – Annuki
49.Particles – Stereoglyph
50.West Egg – Leo


01.Hello Vs. Party & Bullshit (Matoma Remix)
02.That Love Stroke – Sailorboi
03.Czech Hot Jam – Eselkaese
04.Biggie Floats On – Ben Baumann
05.Eminem – Business (Matoma Remix)
06.Mundian To Lose Your Own Episode – WIMLEX Mashup
08.Hold It Now, Hit It! (DJ Tripp’s Dirty Remix feat Rhythm Scholar)
09.L.A. Sickness – MixmstrStel [Mustard Mix]
10.MASHMFIA – Crazy Butterfly in C (Morpheus)
11.He got game for what its worth – DJ Candyman
12.Don‘t! Don‘t Mess With Ed – Rems 79′
13.Let’s Beg For It – MixmstrStel
14.Hollaback episode or not – Tony Edison
15.Bad Promiscuous – DJ Sunsite
16.Boxer – Pecoe
17.Bulletproof Axel – Sherlock Poirot
18.Lucky Diamonds – DJ ROCKIT
19.Turn Off The Frag – CDLV Mashup
20.Drop The Pressure – Mylo (Drop Out Orchestra Rework)
21.In My Arms – Mylo (Dublin Aunts Refux V4)
22.Voyage In My Heart – DJ Schmolli
23.1000 Cruel Summer´s – SeVen
24.Prayer In Vain – Shahar Varshal
25.Tell Me I‘m The Only One – Carlos Serrano