Archiv für Oktober 2011



01.Intro – Bassnectar
02.Mr. Big Dick – PhatBastard
03.A Dead Body Errrr‘day – Landlords
04.Midnight Life – The White Panda
05.Queen of Atlanta – dj BC
06.Mo Free Mo Fallin – The White Panda
07.OTIS – Jay-Z and Kanye West (A.Skillz RMX)
08.Hell To The Stars – Funkanomics
09.ABC – Jackson 5 (A.Skillz RMX)
10.Schüttel Deinen Speck vs. Yeah – The Fabulous Beatmashers
11.You Know You really Fool Me – DJ Tripp
12.Jump Around The Hell – Bogoss Bootlegs
13.Rock It – Herbie Hancock (Disco Syndicate’s Extended Swing)
14.Electric Trap – 10000 Spoons
15.Singe-Linge-Lisco-Disco – Drop Out Orchestra & Martin Brodin Edit
16.Fatboys Jeans – MashUp Mike
17.Leveled Without You – Mashup-Germany
18.Believe In Your Best Levels – Mashup-Germany
19.Cocoon People – Mighty Mike
20.Always On Your Hot ‚N‘ Cold Glass – Dan Mei
21.Children Should Be Dancing – DJ Rick Lee
22.Three Monsters – Divide & Kreate
23.Riverside Got You All In Check – DJ Schmolli
24.Don‘t You Want Me To Jerk It Out? – Thriftshop XL
25.Nineties FTW – Wick-It The Instigator